Spirits Glossary | Learn what the names mean

Armagnac – Produced in the Armagnac region of France distilled in a column still

Bourbon – Distilled whiskey – mash is at least 51% corn

Brandy – A strong spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice

Calvados – Apple brandy made in the Calvados region of France

Cognac – High quality brandy distilled twice in a pot still in Cognac, France

Gin - Juniper berry flavor in a neutral alcohol

Grappa - Italian brandy that uses the pulps of grapes

Irish Whiskey - Made in Ireland and the flavor is obtained from malted barley in its mash

Jigger - Small glass to measure liquor used mostly in America

Julep - Spirit based cocktail flavored with fresh mint leaves

Liqueurs – Liquor bottled with added sugar and/or flavorings

Mezcal – Made outside of the 5 areas that tequila is made and made from the agave plant

Muddle - Using a muddler to mash ingredients

Neat - To consume a liquor that is undiluted

Proof -  Measures alcohol content by volume - used in America

Rum -  Distilled spirit using sugar cane that is distilled and fermented. Oftentimes flavored with fruit or spices

Rye Whiskey -  Must contain at least 51% rye

Scotch Whisky - Single malts are made 100% at one distillery; blends are 40% malt and 60% grain whisky

Single Grain – Whisky made from a single distillery doesn’t have to be made from barley nor does it need to be malted grains.  Usually made from corn or wheat or a blend of the two

Single Malt – Whisky made from a single distillery and made from malted barley

Sour Mash Whiskey - Whiskey that a portion of the old mash is mixed with the new mash creating character and smoothness of flavor

Spirits – Liquor that contains no added sugar and has at least 20% ABV (40 proof)

Tequila – Made in one of 5 areas of Mexico from the agave plant

Vodka - Originally made in Russia and Poland. It is a colorless, grain-based spirit and can be made from any grain, fruit or potato

Whiskey – Distilled spirit made from malted grain

Whisky – Distilled spirit made in Scotland, Canada, Japan