Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lover

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lover

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We have 3 amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil's. Each are 100ml (3.4 oz):

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic extract - smooth & Robust with a blast of bold garlic. Uses: Refine pasta, salad, vegetables, eggs, pizza, hummus dip

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with natural Basil Extract - A pleasing aroma with a fresh basil flavor. Uses: For tomato and lettuce salads, marinating vegetables, seasoning pizza, or finishing pasta dishes. Try it on a dish with mozzarella and tomatoes or use it to make pesto!

Extra virgin olive oil with natural rosemary extract - A superior rosemary flavor with an earthy aroma. Uses: Salad dressing, seasoning, and marinades. Also adds a delicious spicy note to pasta, rice, pizza, fish, and meat dishes.

Origin: Tuscany, Italy