Grappa – A Unique Gift for North Dallas

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Does the word leftovers ring a bell?  In essence grappa is made from the leftover grapes after pressing to make wine.  Grappa is made by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the grapes.  Traditionally produced in Northern Italy. Our North Dallas vomFASS Grappa di Recioto Amarone is produced in Garda Lake, Italy.  The Grappa Moscato Riserva is produced in Vigliano d’Asti, Italy.

Grappa is a protected name in the European Union and must be made using the following criteria:
Produced in Italy, or in the Italian region of Switzerland, or in San Marino
Produced from pomace*
Fermentation and distillation must occur on the pomace adding no water.
*pomace – the pulpy matter left after a fruit has been crushed in order to extract its juice.

Grappa is primarily served as an after dinner drink to help aid in digestion of a heave meal.

vomFASS in North Dallas offers two grappa:

Grappa di Recioto Amarone is produced from the grapes that yield the famed Amarone della Valpolicella wine.  This dark, mellow spirit is aged 3 years in oak barrels and delivers a range of flavors from walnuts to almonds to grassy, floral notes.

Grappa Moscato Riserva is aged for 18 mos in an oak barrel and has a wonderful set of aromas with a smooth and long aftertaste.  

Come in to our North Dallas vomFASS and Taste Before You Buy.

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