Do You Know How to Choose the Best EVOO at vomFass in Plano?

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Most Chefs will tell you that choosing an olive oil is an essential party of their job.  It’s part of so many dishes in the kitchen like searing, finishing, and making dressings but so neglected.

America is lagging in their olive oil selection compared to many European countries.  Why is that?  Ask any home Chef in Plano, Tx what a good quality olive oil can do for their dishes and I guarantee you most, if not all will say it takes food from good to great!

Do you know where to start?  Let me help ….

How to Choose an Olive Oil in Plano, Tx
Fresher is better – you want an oil that is no more than 12 mos old.  Olive oils that are under 12 mos should be flavorful and robust.

Choosing a Finishing Olive Oil – Choose EVOO
Regular and fine virgin oils are better for cooking.  Italy typically produces the most and therefore is seen as better.  Spain is a close second.  We carry both countries oils along with Greece and several others.

Which Olive Oils are Best?
It is really a matter of taste, preference and what you are making.  At vomFASS you can taste before you buy.  This allows you to choose the best tasting extra virgin olive oil for you and your taste.

Stop in and check out our selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

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