Healthiest Fat with EVOO in Plano, Tx

Posted by Denise Burkey on

Olive oil is part of the Mediterranean diet and does have health benefits.

Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins E & K and beneficial fatty acids along with antioxidants – some that help fight serious diseases.  Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural.

Olive oil’s main anti-inflammatory effects can be due to its antioxidants.  Researchers estimate that about 50ml of extra virgin olive oil exerts effects similar to those taking ibuprofen.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest foods to eat for heart health.  It reduces inflammation, blood pressure, and aids in preventing blood clots.

Its been said, however not confirmed, that extra virgin olive oil can help fight cancer and alzheimer’s disease.

Extra virgin olive oil at vomFASS in Plano, Tx whether confirmed or not is a superfood, especially if you are at high risk for heart disease.

Many nutritionists agree that extra virgin olive oil has many wonderful benefits.

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