Do You Know How to Properly Taste Whiskey?

Posted by Denise Burkey on

Whiskey – there’s so much of it!  How do you know what you like?  I will help you navigate through the proper way to taste whiskey.

First you need a notepad and pen.  You will not be able to remember everything about the whiskey if you don’t take notes.

 After your notepad and pen, you need whiskey!!!  

Next you will need the right glassware.  The glass should be shaped like an elongated sherry glass with a stubby stem.  You want to direct the aroma towards your nose.  Write in your notes what the whiskey looks like – use words like gold, amber, yellow etc.

Your nose is very important when tasting the whiskey probably more important than your palate.

Give your glass a slight swirl to release the aromas and carefully bring near your nose – go easy on the sniff! Always smell with  your mouth slightly open to utilize all your olfactory has to offer.  Smells are linked to memories and everyone will have their own memories – write down your memory.

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