Why Should You Shop With vomFASS?

Posted by Denise Burkey on

Did you know that vomFASS in Plano, TX is the premier leader and retailer of fresh oils, vinegars, exquisite spirits and liqueurs, and small-batch whiskies?  All sampled directly from the cask.  Your visit includes a “tour around the world” with knowledgeable staff members to help you navigate and taste the finest and most flavorful products.

Our producers come from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean to Plano, TX!!! Many are multi-generational businesses just like vomFASS Plano.  They follow some of the most strict guidelines for cultivation, harvesting, maturation and extraction practices.

If you are a Plano foodie or simply want your food to taste incredible, stop in and Taste Before You Buy to either of our two Plano, TX vomFASS locations.  You will be taken on a “mini get-away”!  See you soon.

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